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We are two psychologists who together have many years of experience in providing research, treatment, supervision, workshops, formal university classes and CE programs in person and on-line. We have chosen the short video format accompanied with written materials so that learners can study at their own pace, in the comfort of their own homes or offices. The information in each of our CE courses is provided by experts on that particular topic. Our videos are purposely short as the research tells us that learners can only absorb and use new information in small bites. We have begun with a program on trauma where learners can obtain quality comprehensive knowledge to expand their competency in a particular area of trauma or become Certified Trauma Professionals by completing all 60 hours. There will be optional case consultation available with experts in the field. If you are a psychologist or other mental health professional, work in the medical or health care industry, an attorney or other legal professional, work in the schools or day care centers, corrections workers, and others who like to learn through one to two-hour videos with accompanying information at your own pace, we want you.

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